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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Last Day of Blitzen Deals; Check out all the offers here!

Here's the latest offers schedule from zazzle's BlitzenDeals:
12:00 AM (PT) 2:00 AM (PT) 50% Off Holiday Ornaments! BLITZDEAL156

2:01 AM (PT) 4:00 AM (PT) 50% Off Magnets! BLITZDEAL106

4:01 AM (PT) 6:00 AM (PT) 50% Off Anything That Sticks! (Stickers, Bumper Stickers, Labels) BLITZDEAL140

6:01 AM (PT) 8:00 AM (PT) $10 Off ALL Skateboards! BLITZDEAL192

8:01 AM (PT) 10:00 AM (PT) 30% Off Sweatshirts and Jackets! BLITZDEAL133

10:01 AM (PT) 12:00 PM (PT) Buy 2 Get 1 Mousepads! (34% Off 3+ Mousepads) BLITZDEAL131

12:01 PM (PT) 2:00 PM (PT) 25% Off iPad and iPhone Cases! BLITZDEAL135

2:01 PM (PT) 4:00 PM (PT) 12% Off All Products! BLITZDEAL196

4:01 PM (PT) 6:00 PM (PT) 50% Off Keychains! BLITZDEAL153

6:01 PM (PT) 8:00 PM (PT) $5 Off ALL Custom T-Shirts! BLITZDEAL171

8:01 PM (PT) 10:00 PM (PT) Tuesday's Favorite Deal Repeat: 50% Off Holiday Ornaments! BLITZDEAL117

10:01 PM (PT) 12:00 AM (PT) Tuesday's Favorite Deal Repeat: 12% Off All Products! BLITZDEAL173

All this plus:

Free Shipping
on orders of $25 or more!

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

NO cold calling Door Sticker bumpersticker
NO cold calling Door Sticker by ArtformTheHeart
Make your own bumper sticker online at zazzle

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