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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Retro Music Cassette Tape Birthday Party Invitation

If you're older than 30 then there's a chance that you'll remember these old school music cassette tapes. Back in the day, these were the only way to listen to your music whilst on the move.....whether it was in your car or out on the street with a boogie box or personal stereo. Crap and clunky, you had to wait forever if you wanted to either fast forward or rewind a track, and heaven forbid the tape got chewed and you lost your favorite album completely!

This is a really fun party invitation for anyone over a certain age, it's great for retro theme disco or parties, high school reunions, or BIG birthdays such as 40th or 50th (maybe even 30th???). There's a wood pattern background, on top of which is a cleverly greated digital graphic of a cassette; the same type that many mix tapes were made on!