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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Retro Music Cassette Tape Birthday Party Invitation

If you're older than 30 then there's a chance that you'll remember these old school music cassette tapes. Back in the day, these were the only way to listen to your music whilst on the move.....whether it was in your car or out on the street with a boogie box or personal stereo. Crap and clunky, you had to wait forever if you wanted to either fast forward or rewind a track, and heaven forbid the tape got chewed and you lost your favorite album completely!

This is a really fun party invitation for anyone over a certain age, it's great for retro theme disco or parties, high school reunions, or BIG birthdays such as 40th or 50th (maybe even 30th???). There's a wood pattern background, on top of which is a cleverly greated digital graphic of a cassette; the same type that many mix tapes were made on!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Monday, 23 November 2015

Ballerina Gifts for Girls

A cute collection of ballet themed customizable gifts for little ballerinas. From whimsical little girl characters with different hair colors and skin tones, to a fun little teddy bear ballerina cartoon character. Many of these gifts for kids can be personalized with a name or other text.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Raven Gifts Collection Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

This popular collection features poasters, home decor and gift items all inspired by the gothic horror Edgar Allan Poe poem The Raven.From posters featuring the full text of this literary work, iPhone and iPad cases, pillows and small gifts.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Outer Space Gifts for Kids

A fun range of outer space and astronaut themed gifts for kids. Some of the astronaut designs are photo template products.....you can upload a photograph of your own child to replace the placeholder photo and then THEY suddenlt become a spaceman!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Gifts for Musicians and Music Lovers

A fun selection of popular gifts for musicians and music lovers featuring a pop art style print of three guitars in black and white. A cool, modern design that's always trendy.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

It's a Whimsical World....

A selection of extremely cute, whimsical style illustrations from a selection of amazing artists and designers. Now I do apologise for the garish watermarks over everything but since copyright theft is so brazenly rampant at the moment I don't want to give thieves an easy opportunity so I have deliberately sized the graphics to include zazzle's watermark.

I first came across "Rustic Goth" through her blogger blog. She deals primarily in original works on canvas which she sells via a few online auction/craft sites. When I suggested to her that Zazzle would be a great venue to sell prints of her work I was delighted when she told me that she already had a store there. Here is one of her beautiful, gothic whimsy prints:

Another of my favourite whimsical artists is Jasmine Becket-Griffith aka Strangeling. I will admit that I hadn't heard of Jasmine until I discovered some of her work on Zazzle but now that I have come across her, her style is instantly recognisable all over the net. When I was recently going to be attending the Whitby Goth Weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jasmine had graciously allowed her work to be used as the graphics for the event's website. Jasmine even has a very well deserved collaboration with Disney!

Rouble Rust is another wonderful artist who sells prints of her work through Zazzle. Her style is slightly more dark gothic than the previous artists:

Next up is Angela Flemming aka AngelArtiste:

Kim Turner is an amazing artist from Australia. Two big themes that appear in her work are fairies and Marie Antoinette, although I have picked one of her pieces with a mermaid theme to display here:

Another artist who's work I completely adore (crazily, madly, insanely adore) is Myka Jelina. Her gothic/tribal/steampunk subject matters all really appeal to me and her clean, crisp, precise style makes her a little bit different from the other artists I have included.

Next up is Sandra Vargis aka SandyGrafik. Her subject matter is predominantly fantasy and fairytales and her work is beautifully whimsical and quirky.

Next on the list is kilkennycat. I've only just recently stumbled across her work and don't know too much about her as of yet.

And finally, some of my own whimsical art and design:

This first poster has an inspirational theme. The little girl character is flying through the night sky, powered by balloons on her way to the moon. The message behind the piece is that anything is possible with dreams and detrmination.

This little witch with her cat and mouse is my favourite piece of the moment. I simply adore it and it makes me smile every time that I look at it.

My tibal fusion gothic style bellydancer is a hugely popular design. I didn't actually even have this design set to be a poster until a special request came in from a client in Germany.

Another of my recent favourites is this little steampunk couple at the seaside. In the background of this piece is a little airship with two more tiny characters that are the subjects of some of my other designs.

This is my latest piece (although it is soon to be followed by a more goth or emo style version in shades of purple). This little blonde haired girl is blissfully listening to her music on her headphones, her little teddy bear is lying on the floor beside her.

All of my art and posters can be viewed here, and all of my little whimsical characters can be viewed on a huge selection of gifts, accessories and apparel here.

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Raven Poem Poster

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This cool but creepy poster has the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe printed upon it along with a vintage, gothic horror style image of a large black raven bird sitting upon three shrunken human skulls. This is a wonderful piece of wall art for literature buffs and gothic horror fans.

The Raven Poem Poster with Black Bird and Skulls
The Raven Poem Poster with Black Bird and Skulls by ArtformTheHeart
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Chibi Style Gothic Vampires iPad Folio Case

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A super iPad folio case for those who love both cute and vampires. This sturdy case has two little chibi style cartoon vampires within ornate vintage style frames in black and gold tones. To the front is a gothic style boy vampire wearing a tuxedo and full length cape. To the back is a girl vampire in long black dress with red hair.

Chibi Style Gothic Vampires iPad Case
Chibi Style Gothic Vampires iPad Case by ArtformTheHeart
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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Vintage Steampunk iPhone 5 Case

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I love steampunk style and thought that I'd share this amazing steampunk theme iPhone 5 case. The graphic on this printed hard shell case is exquisite with lots of attention to detail, so much so that it almost looks like real metal and wood has been used.

Vintage Steampunk Camera #1B 'Vibe'
Vintage Steampunk Camera #1B 'Vibe' by poppycock_cheapskate
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