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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hot Sunday Sales and Deals!!

Check out today's hot deals on zazzle!!! Save, Save, Save!!

Here's the full schedule:
12:00 AM (PT) 2:00 AM (PT) $4 Off ALL Mugs and Steins! BLITZDEAL158

2:01 AM (PT) 4:00 AM (PT) 50% Off Star Wars Gifts! BLITZDEAL221

4:01 AM (PT) 6:00 AM (PT) $10 Off All Pet Clothing! BLITZDEAL779

6:01 AM (PT) 8:00 AM (PT) 50% Off Harry Potter Gifts! BLITZDEAL579

8:01 AM (PT) 10:00 AM (PT) 75% Off MegaMan T-Shirts! BLITZDEAL154

10:01 AM (PT) 12:00 PM (PT) 15% Off All Products! BLITZDEAL114

12:01 PM (PT) 2:00 PM (PT) $6 Off Funny/Geek/Vintage T-Shirts, Hoodies, & Sweatshirts! BLITZDEAL141

2:01 PM (PT) 4:00 PM (PT) 50% Off Bags and Embroidered Bags! BLITZDEAL155

4:01 PM (PT) 6:00 PM (PT) 30% Off iPhone and iPad Cases! BLITZDEAL176

6:01 PM (PT) 8:00 PM (PT) $6 Off All T-Shirts, Embroidered Shirts, Polos, & Jackets! BLITZDEAL122

8:01 PM (PT) 10:00 PM (PT) Sunday's Favorite Deal Repeat: 15% Off All Products! BLITZDEAL179

10:01 PM (PT) 12:00 AM (PT) Sunday's Favorite Deal Repeat: $6 Off All T-Shirts, Embroidered Shirts, Polos, & Jackets! BLITZDEAL406

See more details of the current deal HERE or go to zazzle's homepage.

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