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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Choose your FREE Christmas Card Now!

From now until the 24th of November 2011 you can select any one of these wonderful holiday cards below absolutely free of charge on zazzle. Only one free card per customer and shipping charges are not included in the deal but you can take advantage of an additional offer that WILL give you free postage (see below) or add the free card offer to a gift order. Each card has it's own unique promotional code shown below it that MUST be entered at the checkout process in order to get the deal.

Cute Christmas Penguin Cartoon Photo Template cardHUUJSLCRSLTH

Customizable ChristmasCard Joy Love and Peace cardLDSNICGPWPXL

Delicate Snowflake Christmas Card cardKTPXBTFOVOWK


Oops! Christmas Card cardFFSQSMAWQJTF

Hallelujah cardUSBWBLHNSLTU

Candy Canes Holiday Card (Blank Inside) cardVTCXCMJMTMUV


Stop Stealing Cookies Greeting Card cardBNMSOADRGFPB

A Merry Christmas Vintage Santa cardYWFZFPJDWPXY


Patriotic Snowman cardADFNHJCQFEOA

In order to make this a totally free offer, all you have to do is sign up for a FREE TRIAL of the Zazzle Black program that gives you free shipping for 30 days!! If you like the program and want to keep it after the 30 day trial, it's $9.95 for a whole year's shipping within the USA. You can find all of the details on Zazzle Black and the FREE TRIAL right here. Combine the free greetings card offer with this deal and you really do have a 100% free Christmas card!

100% of the card's net sale price (excluding shipping and taxes) is deducted when qualifying greeting card is purchased from zazzle.com and the unique coupon code is applied at checkout. Offer does not apply to create your own cards. Offer does not apply to card orders of two or more. Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling and sales tax charges. Failure to comply with promotional offer conditions may result in order cancellation. Offer is valid through November 24, 2011 at 11:59pm PT. Offer does not apply to past purchases and may not be combined with any other Zazzle promotional or volume discount offers. If a volume discount applies to your order, you will receive either the discount set forth in this offer or the standard volume discount, whichever is greater. Offer valid on Zazzle.com only.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

20% Off Cards, Postcards and Invitations until 12/31/2011

Get 20% Off Cards, Post Cards, Photo Cards, Invites and Announcements at Zazzle
This is the perfect opportunity to buy your personalized, custom Christmas & Thanksgiving cards, Halloween Party Invitations, Wedding Save the Date Postcards, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Thank You cards and anything else that you can think of. Get ahead with your planning AND save 20% in the process, what could be better?

The 20% off will be applied to your shopping cart when one or more qualifying invitations, greeting cards, photo cards and/or postcards are purchased and the coupon code HOLIDAYCHEER is applied during the checkout process. The net sale price is the price of the product (excluding shipping and taxes). This offer is valid until December, 31 2011 11:59pm PT. Does not apply to past purchases and may not be combined with any other Zazzle promotional or volume discount offers. If a volume discount applies to your order, you will receive either the discount set forth in this offer or the standard volume discount, whichever is greater. Offer valid on Zazzle.com (USA daomain) only.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Inspirational Gifts and Images

We all need a little inspirations from time to time. Whether it's something uplifting to raise our spirits or something to get our creative juices flowing for a project we're working on, there are very few of us who don't garner inspiration from elsewhere.

As the days begin to get shorter and colder, and Autumn creeps it's way in, I sometimes find myslef less inspired - but then I think of all of the beautiful sights and fun events that come with it and I am inspired again. There are few things more beautiful than the fall colors as leaves on the trees turn from green to golden yellows, oranges and vibrant reds; and when those leaves fall the ground is covered in a stunning multi-colored carpet.

Peace of Mind print
by dekdesigns
Peace of Mind on zazzle.com
Peace of Mind on zazzle.ca
Peace of Mind on zazzle.co.uk
Peace of Mind on zazzle.com.au
Peace of Mind on zazzle.co.nz

Talent magnet
by whu_wei
Talent on zazzle.com
Talent on zazzle.ca
Talent on zazzle.co.uk
Talent on zazzle.com.au
Talent on zazzle.co.nz

Brave Smart Strong mug
by tshirtfun
Brave Smart Strong on zazzle.com
Brave Smart Strong on zazzle.ca
Brave Smart Strong on zazzle.co.uk
Brave Smart Strong on zazzle.com.au
Brave Smart Strong on zazzle.co.nz

I do hope that you enjoyed seeing these cool inspirational poster and gifts from a variety of great artists and designers on zazzle. If you would like to see more wonderful inspirational and motivational gifts and ideas, click on the flag for your country below to shop on your local zazzle domain.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Do you like to laugh at funny autocorrect fails?

Pretty much anyone who has autocorrect (or predictive text) on their phone has had some kind of funny mishap with it. You know when you try to tell your mom you're sitting on your boyfriend's deck relaxing and your phone decides to change your "e" to an "i" and make for a really awkward moment??? Some smart peeps made a whole business out of sharing other people's autocorrect fails (see the DYAC website for lots of laughs, but wait - finish reading this first or you'll be there for hours and never come back!) but you can now also have your own best autocorrect fail or any other message permenantly on your iPhone 4 with these cool cases from one of the designers at Zazzle. When you click onto the product page there are template fields where you can add a name and up to 6 lines of text, one of the designs even lets you add a photograph to it.

One of these iPhone cases would make a super Christmas or Birthday gift for a friend or loved one who is prone to epic autocorrect fails, immortalize one of their most embarassing blunders with these super fun cases! The cases are manufactured by Speck Products® in hard plastic case which is then covered with an easy-to-grip fabric that is richly printed with the graphic design. They fit both Verizon and AT&T models.

Monday, 12 September 2011

The RAPTURE is going to happen soon........ at least some dude thinks so.

Ok, so the Rapture is going to happen for real on October 21st 2011, last time was just a practice run, honest. Though we were all invisibly judged on May 21st and our fates are already sealed ......... I find it quite funny when people like Harold Camping predict the Rapture- the end of the world, armageddon, the reckoning, judgement day, doomsday, the apocalypse - for a specific date within their own lifetime because it means that they then have to stick around to face the public, nay international embarassment of said Rapture failing to take place. I won't go into my views on the subject - this isn't the place for it - but I will present you with some really funny gifts that make fun of the absurd predictions.

Just love this front/back print t-shirt.........

LOL , Rapture shirt

Get on board the Rapture Express boys and girls, it's like totally already begun!! lol

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View 1000's more Rapture gifts on zazzle.