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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Maltese Puppy Mousepad

Who could resist this adorable little Maltese puppy dog with his teddy bear whom is almost as big as he is?

Maltese mousepad
Maltese on zazzle.com
Maltese on zazzle.co.uk
Maltese on zazzle.ca
Maltese on zazzle.com.au

Military Working Dog Poster

This poster features a military working dog and it's handler in silhouette against a beautiful golden sunset.
Military Working Dog print
Military Working Dog on zazzle.com
Military Working Dog on zazzle.co.uk
Military Working Dog on zazzle.com.au

Rescue Dog Mom Hoodie

Rescuing shelter dogs is an admirable gesture, show it off with this cute hoodie and encourage others to follow your example.
Rescue Dog Mom shirt
Rescue Dog Mom on zazzle.com
Rescue Dog Mom on zazzle.co.uk
Rescue Dog Mom on zazzle.ca
Rescue Dog Mom on zazzle.com.au

Funny Dogs Shirt

A funny cartoon shirt with dcolorful dogs in a variety of poses.

Dogs shirt
Dogs on zazzle.com
Dogs on zazzle.co.uk
Dogs on zazzle.ca
Dogs on zazzle.com.au

Cat Hater Doggy T-shirt

Humorous dog clothing with a 'no cats' symbol and funny slogan.

Cat Hater pet apparel petshirt
Cat Hater pet apparel on Zazzle.com
Cat Hater pet apparel on Zazzle.co.uk
Cat Hater pet apparel on Zazzle.ca
Cat Hater pet apparel on Zazzle.com.au

Princess Dog T-Shirt

A cute pink and blue crown with glitter effect for your little princess pooch

Glitter Princess Design petshirt
Glitter Princess Design on zazzle.co.uk
Glitter Princess Design on zazzle.com.au

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