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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cupcake Gifts that won't make you gain weight!

We all like sweet treats even if too many aren't good for us. Here is the perfect way to enjoy all the sweet cupcakes you want, all day long without gaining an ounce! And remember, most of these items can be fully customized by you.

Cupcakes for Kisses Poster

This adorable poster in pinks and browns is enough to make anyone's mouth water.

Cupcakes for kisses print
Cupcakes for kisses Poster on zazzle.com
Cupcakes for kisses on zazzle.co.uk
Cupcakes for kisses on zazzle.ca
Cupcakes for kisses on zazzle.com.au

Cupcakes and Skulls PRO-Keds Sneakers

Designed with Emo's who love cupcakes in mind, these high-top trainers are a little unusual  to say the least.

Cupcakes & Skulls kedsshoe
Cupcakes and Skulls on zazzle.com
Cupcakes and Skulls on zazzle.co.uk
Cupcakes and Skulls on zazzle.ca
Cupcakes and Skulls on zazzle.com.au

'Life's s Sweet Trip with Friends like You' Greetings Card
An irresistaby cute friendship greetings card in pink, yellow and pale coffee tones.

Life's a sweet trip card
Life's a sweet trip on zazzle.com
Life's a sweet trip on zazzle.co.uk
Life's a sweet trip on zazzle.ca
Life's a sweet trip on zazzle.com.au

Cupcake Diva customizable Mousepad

Add your own name or the recipient's name if it's a gift, change the font and background color.

Cupcake Diva Mousepad mousepad
Cupcake Diva Mousepad on zazzle.com
Cupcake Diva Mousepad on zazzle.co.uk
Cupcake Diva Mousepad on zazzle.ca
Cupcake Diva Mousepad on zazzle.com.au

Sweet as a Cupcake Baby Onesie

This babygrow/creeper is just so cute with and abundance of cupcakes and a sweet little slogan. Available on over 60 different style/color combinations this isn't just for the little 'uns.
sweet as a cupcake shirt
sweet as a cupcake on zazzle.com
sweet as a cupcake on zazzle.co.uk
sweet as a cupcake on zazzle.ca
sweet as a cupcake on zazzle.com.au

Purple and Pink Cupcake Skull Mug

Apparently the coolest goth cupcake around.

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