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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Great New Designs

There's an influx of new Business Cards at Bluewren's Treasures this week, so this one is just a taste of what's in store... This pretty Business Card features hand painted lush green leaves spilling down each side of the card. The customisable text is green, which compliments the leaves beatifully. The image is repeated on the back of the card with room for special offers or promotional text. All text is easy to change using the customisable template. This business card would be perfect for a florist, garden maintenance, landscape gardener, plant nursery, interior decorator, bridal boutique or gift shop.Leafy Business Card profilecard


These are my first label and stamp creations. Using a photograph of a Ranuculi from my garden this photograph looks great on a range of products: The Address label

Swirl of Petals label

Create a return address label at zazzle

Petals stamp

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Old School

Where did the ONE phone in your house live? It used to be a problem of too many people and not enough phones. From our "Remember When Series"

Only Phone Shirt shirt


Wild Life

The leopard has the widest distribution of the wild cats, and shows great variation in appearance and behavior. In general, the coat color varies from pale yellow to deep gold or tawny, and is patterned with black rosettes. The head, lower limbs and belly are spotted with solid black. Coat color and patterning are broadly associated with habitat type. Trends in coloration for leopards in Africa range from orange/red in the savannah, pale cream and yellow brown in the desert, golden in the rainforest, to darker gold in the high mountains. They are also found in Asia. Despite its relatively small body size, the leopard is still capable of taking large prey. A Leopard can run up to 45-50 mph, it is the third fastest animal in the world. The leopard can also leap huge distances, over 25 feet horizontally and more than 15 feet vertically. Stylized digital design for you to enjoy.

Spotted Leopard Tie tie

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Sketchart26?rf=238893334753946081 Latest Sale Posum Key Chain

I'd like to say a big thank you to Jane Frankston, Australia for purchasing two copies of Posum. This sale is very close to my heart as it's my home contry and only about a 30 minute dive to me. So I really hope Jane that you enjoy posum very much.

Possum is created from a reference photo I took in August of 2009 at Science Works in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is the original photography of Sketchart26. I uploaded the photo to IrfranView where I removed the background. The design features a Possum looking like he is ready to pounce. ~Sketchart26

Possum keychain

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